Guide to Black MIDI

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What is Black MIDI?

Black MIDI is a micro genre in music. It’s created using Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it’s main feature is a giant note density (sometimes this term is applied only to MIDI tracks with 1M+ note count). It is totally impossible to read it in modern musical notation form, because music sheets look almost black. Just imagine that the longest notes are 32d; some songs contain millions of abnormally short notes: sure, this music cannot be perceived normally. Usually black MIDI tracks are blackened MIDI remixes but also there are original black MIDI songs. Authors of remixes are called “blackers”, usually MIDI tracks are created by “MIDI crews” – groups of blackers.

A Birth of Black MIDI

There are several versions this black MIDI’s provenance. We believe that references to Conlon Nancarrow and piano rolls are too deep and black midi origins must be found in digital MIDI music world. The most popular opinion is that black MIDI was born in Japan. In april 30, 2009 the blackened remix of “Final Savage Sister Flandre S.” by COOL&CREATE was uploaded by Shirasagi Yukki @ Kuro Yuki Gohan (白鷺ゆっきー@黒雪ごはん) to Nico Nico Douga. A year later Shirasagi Yukki has remixed and blackened one more song – Night of Nights by COOL&CREATE. It took about 3 years users to get inspired by these tracks and start blackening another tracks. A first black MIDI track at YouTube was remix by Shirasagi Yukki, which was mistakenly uploaded with different name “john stump – death waltz.”

Blackers’ Tools

Black MIDI is the impossible type of music, hence the better tools are used, the better blacker track will be produced. Here’s a short overview of most popular software to work with black MIDI.

black midi tools overview

Top 10 Blackest MIDI Tracks (updated 2.7.14)

Buddies, if you’ve found even blacker tracks – please,
drop me a line!

1. (100 Subs Special)U.N. Owen Was Her

2. Necrofantasia (9.8M notes)

3. Bad Apple!! (8.49M Notes)

4. U.N. Owen was Her? black MIDI (5.6M notes)

5. Bad apple (4.6M notes)

6. Bad Apple!! (3.5M notes)

7. Snakes Dead Zone (2.2M notes)

8. おてんば恋娘の冒険 (Cirno`s Perfect Math Classroom)(2M Notes)

9. ~IMPOSSIBLE MIDI~ MIDITrail – Necrofantasia (1.78M notes)

10. Santochlor (C6H4Cl2) (1.38M notes)

The Most Popular Blackers

Loved these tracks? You’re welcome to check out the most popular blackers’ tracks!

So What?

Our musical preferences are changeable. Sure, if one tries counting all these notes (paying respect to statistical errors and so on) he won’t get given numbers. We know for sure that our ears perceive 100% of notes while our brain may perceive them the mysterious way. And that’s what makes black MIDI a magic style worth attention!

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